Aftermath of Final Presidential Debate

October 19, 2016


With Election Day nearing, Republican candidate Donald Trump as well as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are doing everything in their power to sway the remainder of voters who haven’t quite made up their mind as to who they want as the Commander in Chief for the next four years. Although just about everyone has had their sights set on one or the other for a very long time now, both Clinton and Trump are continuing the fight in order to win key battleground states. Tonight, during the final U.S. Presidential Debate, there were a few big moments, as well as Donald Trump stating that he will refuse to accept the results of the election if he loses.

Trump, along with his devout supporters, believe that the election is being rigged by the media in order to keep him out of the White House. In light of the recent video regarding Mr. Trump somewhat “bragging” about his sexual harassment toward women, the press has been slamming him without any signs of letting up. Of course, there have been a few women who have stepped forward to say that in the time that they spent around Trump, he was quite the gentleman. Therefore, for some strange reason, the Republican candidate believes the election is rigged. Perhaps he has forgotten about the fact that the media isn’t too interested in giving praise for behaving in the way that all men should at all times, let alone a potential President of the United States. Of course they’re going to throw slander toward you if you’re running for president and you have any history whatsoever of speaking about or treating women in such a manner, regardless of its simple “locker room talk”.

Surely Hillary Clinton has made several mistakes throughout her political career, but she does have a lifetime’s worth of experience in foreign affairs, anyone is bound to make errors when you’re in a field of that kind for such a time. The Clinton emails scandal, which Donald Trump is sure to bring up anytime he’s asked a question about how he plans to execute some of his campaign platform’s points of emphasis, has been made into an ordeal of fiction and fairy tale by Trump supporters everywhere. Perhaps there is some dark and conspiring content in some of those emails, but until more information arises it is impossible to tell. Also, Trump has said that if he wins the election, Clinton will be investigated extremely thoroughly (like she hasn’t been already) and thrown into prison. In case you aren’t familiar with democracy, you know, the government that the United States has based its entire existence upon, that isn’t a good example of it. That sounds more like something a leader of a country under a totalitarian regime would do. Nonetheless, Donald Trump’s advocates continue to state that Hillary Clinton deserves a prison sentence, even though the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has done more than a fair share of delving into the matter and found that she has no committed no true crime, other than carelessness. Sure, Clinton made a huge mistake and should have answering to do regarding the matter, and perhaps she should be indicted for committing a crime. As of now however, the Director of the FBI has clearly stated that no real crime had been committed by Clinton (until more information arises that is).

Some of the Republican would-be President’s campaign promises have been unarguably the most ridiculous political moves in the history of the country. Die-hard conservatives who live in the same state as myself however (North Carolina), believe these non-democratic, religious intolerant moves are pure genius and cannot be told otherwise. Building a wall on the southern border, because “We have some bad hombres and we are going to get them out,”as Trump says, will cost about $8-$12 billon according to his calculations. However, CNBC estimated that it could cost up to $25 billion. His speeches regarding a Muslim ban have been taken in with great excitement by southerners and racists, and seems to be a truly decent plan in terms of helping with the terrorist situation in the United States, but perhaps Trump has forgotten that our nation is one of religious freedom. Also, the terrorists who seek to do tragic harm to our country will most likely find a way to do so despite such new laws. He has also stated that if elected, the legalization of abortion will be overturned.

In all three presidential debates, Donald Trump behaved much, much more childish than any other candidate in the history of the nation. Many of his supporters have enjoyed watching the Republican candidate interrupt his opponent as well as the moderators, but his temperament during these debates has surely been something of note to tie in with his character in general. Instead of showing respect to Clinton, he has repeatedly cut her off and called her a liar, which again, many conservatives have enjoyed but it only shows his immaturity and political likeness of the average teenager. With polls showing battleground states shifting in favor of the Democratic candidate following the slew of sexual allegations made toward Trump, his only response is that the election is “rigged”. Overall, it was not a good night for the Republican nominee. In the eyes of many Republicans though, of course he won. Perhaps Clinton’s 30 years of political experience has been “bad experience”, but when she sat in the Situation Room with other key governmental leaders strategizing the most effective manner to send in Navy SEAL Team Six to take out Osama Bin Laden, Donald Trump was hosting the Celebrity Apprentice. It’s doubtful that either will, but do you think Trump has a better chance at making America great again?


Donald Trump to Bring President Obama’s Half-Brother to Third Debate

October 19, 2016

Malik Obama
Malik Obama, half-brother of President Barack Obama, poses for photographs after speaking about the upcoming U.S. elections to an Associated Press television reporter in the village of Kogelo where he lives in western Kenya on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012. Kogelo village is also the current home of Sarah Obama, the step-grandmother of the U.S. President, and many Kenyans consider Obama, with a mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya, as one of their own. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

With just a few weeks left until Election Day, things are heating up more and more in the media regarding the presidential election. Donald Trump, the GOP nominee, has been the main subject of the news in the previous couple of weeks following a video which was released in which he speaks quite proudly about groping women rather inappropriately. Following the release of this video, the campaign has all but spiraled into chaos. Luckily for Trump, his supporters, for the most part, have stood loyally behind him and rallied the cause in hopes to defeat Hillary Clinton. Following the first two presidential debates between Trump and Clinton, polls regarding who had emerged the victor had voters saying that the Democratic candidate had won by a rather large margin. Keep in mind, however, more Democrats tend to vote in these post-debate “who won?” polls.

The reason many voters believe Hillary won these debates is not only because she answered most of the questions that she was asked rather well (regardless of if the way she plans to tackle certain issues will be executed nicely), but because Donald Trump neglected to answer just about every question thrown at him, somehow turning his answer on the Clinton emails or defending his own sexual harassment towards women by bringing up Bill Clinton’s scandalous sexual behavior in the past.

Although the election is now down to the wire and most viewers have had their minds made up about who they will be voting for come election day, Trump has another weapon in his arsenal he’ll be utilizing at the third and final presidential debate (and it’ll probably work better than inviting some of Mr. Clinton’s mistresses). President Barack Obama’s half brother, Malik, will be in attendance at the debate to show his support for Donald Trump. Malik Obama, a United States citizen who was born in Kenya, stated in July that he would be endorsing Trump for president for a number of reasons. He has informed the New York Post that he is excited to travel to Las Vegas for the debate and has great confidence that the Republican nominee has the ability to “make America great again”, which has been the business tycoon’s campaign promise throughout this entire ordeal.

When speaking to the New York Post, Malik stated that he disagreed and had issues with the Secretary of State’s work in foreign affairs, and does not believe the women who have stepped forward to accuse Mr. Trump of former sexual misconduct. The Trump campaign has confirmed to TIME that Obama will be the Grand Old Party’s guest for the final presidential debate before the voting process begins on Tuesday, November 8th.