Donald Trump to Bring President Obama’s Half-Brother to Third Debate

Malik Obama

With just a few weeks left until Election Day, things are heating up more and more in the media regarding the presidential election. Donald Trump, the GOP nominee, has been the main subject of the news in the previous couple of weeks following a video which was released in which he speaks quite proudly about groping women rather inappropriately. Following the release of this video, the campaign has all but spiraled into chaos. Luckily for Trump, his supporters, for the most part, have stood loyally behind him and rallied the cause in hopes to defeat Hillary Clinton. Following the first two presidential debates between Trump and Clinton, polls regarding who had emerged the victor had voters saying that the Democratic candidate had won by a rather large margin. Keep in mind, however, more Democrats tend to vote in these post-debate “who won?” polls.

The reason many voters believe Hillary won these debates is not only because she answered most of the questions that she was asked rather well (regardless of if the way she plans to tackle certain issues will be executed nicely), but because Donald Trump neglected to answer just about every question thrown at him, somehow turning his answer on the Clinton emails or defending his own sexual harassment towards women by bringing up Bill Clinton’s scandalous sexual behavior in the past.

Although the election is now down to the wire and most viewers have had their minds made up about who they will be voting for come election day, Trump has another weapon in his arsenal he’ll be utilizing at the third and final presidential debate (and it’ll probably work better than inviting some of Mr. Clinton’s mistresses). President Barack Obama’s half brother, Malik, will be in attendance at the debate to show his support for Donald Trump. Malik Obama, a United States citizen who was born in Kenya, stated in July that he would be endorsing Trump for president for a number of reasons. He has informed the New York Post that he is excited to travel to Las Vegas for the debate and has great confidence that the Republican nominee has the ability to “make America great again”, which has been the business tycoon’s campaign promise throughout this entire ordeal.

When speaking to the New York Post, Malik stated that he disagreed and had issues with the Secretary of State’s work in foreign affairs, and does not believe the women who have stepped forward to accuse Mr. Trump of former sexual misconduct. The Trump campaign has confirmed to TIME that Obama will be the Grand Old Party’s guest for the final presidential debate before the voting process begins on Tuesday, November 8th.