Indians’ Trevor Bauer exits ALCS Game 3 with bloody finger


Game 3 of the American League Championship Series began tonight in Toronto much like any other postseason baseball game. The Cleveland Indians, who have managed to overcome the Blue Jays in the first two contests, are looking to notch out another victory, becoming just one game away from the World Series. Trevor Bauer, a starting pitcher for the Indians, was supposed to start Game 2, but was injured by a propeller on a drone of his. Although Bauer didn’t endure serious harm, his right pinkie was sliced, which also happens to be his throwing arm. The wound didn’t keep him on the bench for long however, at least it didn’t appear as though it would, and he was scheduled to start Game 3 tonight in Canada.

In the first inning, after throwing just 21 pitches, Bauer had to be removed from the game due to the cut profusely bleeding. Even with ten stitches placed in his finger to avoid this exact issue, they only held up for four batters before blood began to emerge. He managed to strike out Jose Bautista before he was pulled out of the game, but the blood wouldn’t hold off long enough for him to record three outs.

Major League Baseball Rule 8.02(b) states that: “The pitcher may not attach anything to either hand, any finger or either wrist (e.g., Band-Aid, tape, Super Glue, bracelet, etc.). The umpire shall determine if such attachment is indeed a foreign substance for the purpose of Rule 6.02(c)(7) (Rule 8.02(b)), but in no case may the pitcher be allowed to pitch with such attachment to his hand, finger or wrist.”


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