MLG Announces Columbus Open


Major League Gaming, a professional eSports organization headquartered in New York that has hosted some of the most successful competitive gaming events throughout North America as well as online internationally during the 21st century, has announced its first major competition for the recently released Gears of War 4. It has been five years since the last title in the franchise, Gears of War 3, was delivered to the public, and eSports competitors and enthusiasts who are fans of the series are ecstatic to see what this game holds for the industry. MLG has been a prominent host for LAN events for console eSports titles other than Gears of War, including Call of Duty and Halo.

The Major League Gaming Columbus Open will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center on the weekend of November 25-27, 2016. The tournament will consist of over 108 team competing for a chance to win a portion of the $250,000 prize pool that will be distributed among the top placers. The event will be an open bracket competition, and team passes along with spectator tickets have gone on sale at the Major League Gaming website. If you are a Gears of War fanatic looking to take your squad to the biggest stage possible, make sure you go ahead and reserve a team pass before they sell out.

For those who are looking to compete, you can begin qualifying for live event seeding as well as earn Gears of War Pro Points on MLG’s online competitive website, GameBattles. In some cases, players and teams who rack up enough Pro Points will be provided with funds to travel to Columbus in order to participate.



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