Nevada Legislature Approves Building NFL Stadium in Las Vegas


Nevada has taken a tremendous leap in coming closer to bringing an NFL team to their state. Where would a team of the National Football League be likely to compete in the state of Nevada if not Carson City? You guessed it, the casino city, Las Vegas. On Friday, Nevada state lawmakers signed off on a plan that would utilize $750 million of the public’s money by increasing a hotel tax. This project is also to be partly funded by billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, and the money will be going toward the development of a brand new NFL stadium.

Lobbyists for the project worked diligently to sway enough votes in the Nevada legislature to vote to approve the massive construction project, and ultimately scraped by in victory, narrowly earning the two-thirds vote required. Republican Governor Brian Sandoval, a supporter of the program, is projected to sign the deal officially on Monday in the city of Las Vegas. The Oakland Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis, was beaming with excitement when questioned by the press about the passing of the bill. “I would like to thank Governor Sandoval, the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee, and the members of the Nevada Legislature on this historic day. All parties have worked extremely hard to develop and approve this tremendous stadium project that will serve as a proud new home for the entire Raider Nation.

Although things seem to be moving in the right direction for the Raiders’ departure from Oakland, several things still have to be settled before it’s a done deal. The Raiders would surely be welcomed by the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada as a whole, but the city and citizens of Oakland will hold out hope and do everything in their power to keep their beloved Raiders from leaving a second time. Also, in the case of an NFL team relocating, it has to be voted on by all of the teams’ owners and will only go through if three-fourths give their blessing to do so. In the past, many NFL owners have been totally against any teams moving to Vegas due to its legalized betting on sports.

Next week, the fall owners’ meetings will take place, and the matter will be addressed then, although a vote regarding the matter will not yet take place. We will have to wait and see what the future holds. Perhaps in a few years the Las Vegas Raiders will be taking the field on a Sunday afternoon, but the people of Oakland thought that a move to Los Angeles was too far, so Nevada may be out of the question.


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