Fattening Foods as Addictive as Cocaine and Heroin?


You may have heard this said before and dismissed it as a mere myth, but recent studies by hundreds of scientists have concluded that some fattening foods are indeed as addictive as hard drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Addiction with very fattening foods and drugs are extremely similar, due to the fact that the high-calorie and high-fat meals and snacks overload the pleasure centers of the brain by flooding it with dopamine. By eating these fattening foods frequently, one will begin to crave them more often in order to provide the brain with that same dopamine reception, much like a drug addict.

Once a person begins to repeatedly eat these kinds of foods and their cravings dramatically increase, so too does their tolerance. Crazy, right? Not exactly. To be sure you’ve noticed that overweight people tend to have the ability to consume more food than most folks. This is because their tolerance for these certain foods have increased to a point that they are no longer satisfied with the amount that they would normally eat, causing them to over-indulge although they may be quite full. These people may have trouble with weight loss even if they exercise regularly, because of the fact that overeating alters the manner in which one’s brain functions.

However, people who are overweight or have so-called self-diagnosed weight issues aren’t the only ones at risk. People who maintain a healthy weight, and even those who are underweight, are also quite susceptible to losing control of their eating habits. If you aren’t sure whether or not you have a food addiction, ask yourself these questions: Do you have intense cravings, eat when you’re full, or find yourself going out of your way to acquire certain foods that aren’t in your home although your pantry is full? If yes, you may require a change in your diet as well as a professional evaluation as to your behaviors regarding eating.

Sure, it’s great to eat pizza, ice cream, cheeseburgers, chips, or cookies every so often, but these are the kinds of foods that you should be a bit skeptical about overindulging with. If you want a simple and effective way to combat this issue, drink more water. Water has been found to reduce cravings for foods of this fattening nature, along with an endless amount of other benefits, including improving brain function, which is where this overeating syndrome silently develops.

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