$25,000 ZOTAC World Cup


In honor of its 10-year anniversary, ZOTAC, an organization which began by manufacturing state-of-the-art graphics cards, and steadily evolved into creating premium miniature personal computers, has announced its very first eSports competition. Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be the platform upon which this event will undergo, and the prize pool will consist of $25,000. Six teams will participate in this inaugural competition hosted by the innovative computer-based company, and $10,000 of the prize money will be distributed as straight-up monetary funds and the remaining $15,000 will be given out as ZOTAC merchandise.

The tournament is scheduled to take place from October 24-25 in Hong Kong with six top teams from Asia, Europe, and North America squaring off in a single-elimination, best-of-three tournament format. Two of the six teams, most likely the considered-to-be more skilled squads, will be sent straight to the semi-finals while the other four battle it out in what would be considered quarterfinal play for a chance to advance.

Here are a look at the teams competing, where they hail from, as well as the times for each match.

  • 4dimensioN (Japan)
  • VG.CyberZen (China)
  • Kinguin (Poland)
  • ENZO (Hong Kong)
  • MVP PK (Korea)
  • Splyce (Various nations)
October 24th
04:20 Quarterfinal #1
06:45 Quarterfinal #2
09:10 Semifinal #1
11:35 Semifinal #2
October 25th
05:20 Bronze
09:30 Final

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