Roman Call of Duty Game was Once Considered


There was once a project in the studios of Activision regarding a Call of Duty title that would be set in the era of Ancient Rome. Although the game, which would have more than likely been titled Call of Duty: Roman Wars was not seriously considered to be worked on extensively and ultimately released to the public, a demo of the game presented to Activision CEO Bobby Kotick left the man rather impressed. However, after more research into developing such a title in a franchise based upon first-person shooters, along with other problems within the studios of the gaming powerhouse, a Call of Duty game featuring sword fighting ended up becoming a failure.

Imagine if a game such as this had been released though. How much different would the Call of Duty world be now, seeing as there may have been a sequel or series based upon this initial Roman title depending on its success? One thing is for sure, Call of Duty would have more than likely branched out into other types of warfare for future video games, which could either harm the brand of allow it to evolve. Who’s to say?



Grand Theft Auto 5 Receives Graphics Update

GTA5 Graphics Enhancement

Rockstar Games has updated the graphics for its most successful video game title up to this point, Grand Theft Auto V. The GTA 5 Redux mod is the latest of these graphical enhancements to the game, with the last one being the “Toddyhancer” mod, which was quite successful but deemed a work in progress. The Redux mod, however, crafted by modder Josh Romito has made tremendous progress in bringing the game to life. These updates will be available soon hopefully, and you’ll be sure to notice the improvements as soon as you step back into the world of GTA 5 after their release.

Many of the graphical enhancements in the Redux mod include various weather effects, increased lighting, a more realistic view of blood in-game, and many other small details that make big enough of a difference for the consumer to notice and appreciate in Rockstar Games’ push to improve its most prestigious release to this day.