FaZe eSports Continues Expansion


If you’re a fan of eSports, then surely you’re familiar with FaZe Clan. In the beginning, the now storied gaming franchise produced some of the best Call of Duty sniping videos in the world. After years of evolving however, FaZe eSports is considered to be the world’s largest professional gaming club (just check their Twitter bio). Acquiring endorsements from well established organizations such as Turtle Beach and Scuf Gaming while building some of the most competitive Call of Duty squads in existence was just the beginning. Like many other eSports companies, FaZe has begun to branch out into other titles than have shown promise. In recent months, the organization founded a Counter Strike team, which is by far the most successful first-person shooter in the world, having matches broadcast on national television more and more so as of late. However, they haven’t stopped there. FaZe eSports has now acquired a team for another game, Overwatch. It’s a 6v6 FPS (First-Person Shooter), and FaZe is pleased to have a roster full of eSports experience representing them. You can check out the original article, as posted by FaZe, here:¬†https://www.facebook.com/notes/faze-clan/1076413845766011