Late IndyCar driver Justin Wilson’s Donated Organs will Save Lives

Justin Wilson RIP

Justin Wilson, an IndyCar racer who passed away on Monday night following a severe head injury caused by a piece of debris which struck him during a race the previous day at Pocono Raceway, will have his legacy live on forever. The 37-year-old will save six lives with organs of his that have been donated. Wilson, of British heritage and a resident of Colorado, was airlifted from the racetrack after suffering a devastating injury. Unfortunately, he would succumb to his injuries the following night.


IndyCar drivers and fans alike took to social media to voice their condolences and to pay tribute to one of the more popular athletes of his sport. It’s truly a sad day when a man as likable as Justin who is seen in many pictures with a smile on his face meets an untimely end. Luckily, Wilson was able to do one last good deed: potentially saving the lives of six people. Rest in peace Justin Wilson, the world needs more men like you.

Justin Wilson - Racecar